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Chairman's Message

Dear members:

Missing home...

Time flies. Its been half a year since the appointment of the current EXCO. The EXCO tirelessly works to make sure the association runs smooth and will continuously review for improvements. As you might already be aware all EXCO are volunteers helping the association on a part-time basis. I always find volunteers to be such a passionate bunch and thank them for their help.

You must be wondering about the title "Missing home...".

After the National Day celebrations, I just stumbled onto a recent copy of the Singapore Tourism Promotion Board (STPB) quarterly magazine, so I casually flipped the magazine. I then realized that I missed home, seeing those images of Singapore, and also realized there were some many new places I myself have not been. Maybe STPB should treat some of us as their target market. :)

On volunteering, the association is planning to increase activities helping the less fortunate in Hong Kong. We hope that volunteering becomes a bigger part for our members, and to take time to help those needy.

I have met both current and new members, and hope to meet more members. Do join us at the coming events, and bring your friends.

Enjoy the warm weather whilst it lasts.


Join SAHK 

SAHK, being a voluntary and non-profit Organisation enhances, promotes and celebrates Singaporean culture amongst expats from all countries and the local community through social events and charitable activities. We also help Singaporeans in Hong Kong achieve a sense of belonging and connection with the communities in Hong Kong. 

Our hope objectives are:

▪ To strengthen the cordial relationship with other related associations and organisations

▪ To provide activities for members to engage with local stakeholders

▪ To promote social and recreational activities amongst members and their friends.

The EXCO team looks forward to serving you in this exciting journey ahead and appreciate your valuable feedback to the SAHK movement. Together with your support we hope to further Singapore Association Hong Kong social and charitable causes.Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at if you have any queries and we look forward to any feedback you may have.

The EXCO &SAHK Chairman

Greg Ng

Our Founding Members

About Us

Welcome to The Singapore Association Hong Kong

Our Heritage

The Singapore Association Hong Kong (SAHK) dates back to 1974 and was formed by a group of forward-looking Singaporeans who worked and resided in Hong Kong. With the support and blessings from the Singapore Commissioner, the Association was officially set up. By 1976, The Singapore Association held its first annual Dinner & Dance. Forty years and something later, the Association continues its work. The Singapore Association Hong Kong (SAHK) would not have come this far without its dedicated members. The EXCO is also very fortunate to have a panel of experienced and knowledgeable Advisors to help steer the Association ahead.

Serving the global citizens in Hong Kong

SAHK’s mandate is to help Singaporeans in Hong Kong, to promote and celebrate Singaporean culture amongst the international communities in Hong Kong and also to contribute to the local community through social events and charitable activities. The Association hopes to foster closer ties with the local communities through activities such as social networking, charity activities, lifestyle and other relevant events. SAHK welcomes all friends, regardless of their nationality, as we all work and play in this cosmopolitan city. We strive to be relevant to the global citizens in Hong Kong by:

Organizing exciting social and professional activities for SAHK members and friends.Providing a platform to information about developments in Singapore amongst members and their friends in Hong Kong.Strengthening cordial relationship with other related associations and organizations from other countries.

The Executive Committee 2019/2020

Executive Committee Members

1. Chairman: Mr. Greg Ng

2. Vice-Chairman: Ms Hellen Teo

3. Hon. Treasurer: Mr Tony Teo

4. Hon. Secretary: Ms Fiona Cheng

5. Legal Advisor: Ms Sharon Wong

6. EXCO Member: Ms Audrey Pnwee (Activities)

7. EXCO Member: Mr Jeff Tay (Corporate Sponsorship)

8. EXCO Member: Ms Adeline Lee (Marketing)

9. EXCO Member: Mr Christopher Hua (Shenzhen & Macau Membership)

10. EXCO Member: Ms Edlyn Ng (Activities)

11. EXCO Member: Mr Mak Sin Chang (Individual Membership)

12. EXCO Member: Mr Andy Teo (Corporate Membership)

Auditor: Mr Ng Ean Kiam


Mr Lee Yong Sun

Mr Tan Yong Wah

Mr KK Chua


Ms Foo Teow Lee, Consul General of the Republic Singapore - Hong Kong

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